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About Me

Bangkok Memory

"Wendy Plotkin-Mates approaches the canvas to capture the sensations of colors and culture from around the world. The result: exceptionally strong and unique abstract paintings rich with color, shapes, texture and sense of place. She believes that focusing upon the abstract medium allows her to convey the message:that art, like life itself is a complex, layered journey where anything is possible."

"As each country has its own cultural spirit, Plotkin-Mates' works thrive on a diversity of style and format, each piece possessing a unique energy. From the Galapagos Islands, to Italy, Kenya, Prague and Costa Rica,Plotkin-Mates' work absolutely and cleverly transcends landscape interpretations of place, to capture the deeper essence of people, nature and meaning of place."

Sandy Bellamy, Esq.


"In addition to being passionate about my own painting I am also devoted to a group I co-founded: The Independent Artists Forum. The Independent Artists Forum is a group of five women artists from five diverse cultures. The exhibitions we share promote our primary goal: to build a sense of understanding and respect for artists representing different cultures. The formation of this group and achieving its goals has been deeply satisfying to me." Wendy

Sandstorm in the Outback